We like to do our chores faster so that we about time for other things, whether to be able to earn more money or spend some more time with family. But we constantly get into a dilemma: faster often means less quality. This is because we do not know how to organize the work environment correctly or because we think we do not know how to set our priorities. In today’s article I will teach you what you can do to waste less time on an article. I’d even say that you’ll be able to get the job done in half the time if you want.

Using some of these techniques that I will give you below requires some repetition. At first they will seem annoying, but the truth is that over time they will greatly increase your productivity, allowing you to do the job in half the time. With this, you will not lose quality in your work, even being able to win it. Imagine you want to write an article and aim to get it started at ten at night. Procrastination means that you constantly go that article, until you come to a time that you no longer have how to do it and will lie down.

This attitude means that you are constantly postponing jobs, so that your freelance career does not evolve and stay on the same level, not looking for an evolution. Today I will share some tips that I use to not lose, on average, more than two hours around an article. Achieving these principles also requires a lot of personal discipline, but you believe that with a lot of motivation at work you will be able to get there.

1. Use the other hours of the day to get ideas

My articles start long before I even think about them. As you noticed in my text about the 10 things that tennis can teach about being a freelancer, I during the game got the idea of ​​the article. I happened to write it that very day. But imagine that you already had an article planned and would just write it the next day. It’s important that you have a place where you can write down these ideas, be it a notepad or Evernote. This keeps you from wasting those initial minutes thinking about what you are going to write or miss fantastic ideas.

2. Search for anything that might exist on this subject

Imagine going to write an article on psychology. It is important that you read on the internet or in books everything that may exist on the subject. But will not this make you lose too much time? That will depend on you. The important thing is that you do not get lost when searching for information. Set the right time for this. For example, tell yourself that the first fifteen minutes are for searching information. If during this time you can not find your patience, start writing your article. Having a greater amount of information causes you to avoid those periods when you are looking at the text without knowing what to write. Search is time lost before but that is recovered later, in addition to making your post much more interesting.

3. Disconnect from the rest

When I want to write in half the time, there is no cell phone, Facebook or Twitter that interrupts me. I’m completely out of line for all of this. What I do with this attitude is nothing more than dividing the day into blocks of time. In that case, I have a block of time to write. These constant interruptions cause you to lose your ability to reason and concentration. And do not think you’ll have Facebook turned on and you’ll never go there to see if anything happened. It always ends up losing a few minutes, sooner or later. In that case, it is best to forget that these tools for freelancers exist. It’s only for two hours of your day. Surely nothing serious will happen in this period.

4. Avoid repetitive tasks

One of the things that undermines your productivity is the repetitive tasks of an article: putting links, changing word formatting or inserting images. They are tasks that repeat themselves during the article but which are the ones that burn the most time. So, what should you do in these cases? Do it all in blocks again. That is, do you want to put links? Put them all at once. Will you change the formatting? Just do it at the end. This has a very logical explanation: you are educating your brain for a certain task. But first let’s take a look at the list of tasks that you should leave to do in a repetitive way:

  • Placing links
  • Insert images
  • Formatting
  • Send to aggregators
  • Treat photos
  • Search for information
  • Reread the text

Although this happens in seconds, our brain always takes some time to reason the exchange of one task for another. Now, I give the links example again. If you notice, the first few times you link on your page, it takes longer than when you do it for the fifth time, for example. This is because your brain has gotten used to working so fast, it does the tasks in an automatic way, wasting it less energy. So remember: content first, details later.

5. Use shortcuts

This information seems a bit cliché, but it is important to mention it. You have no idea how much time you can spare by using your keyboard shortcuts. While I am writing this text, both my hands have not yet left the keyboard to fetch the mouse. It is that this small movement from the keyboard to the mouse, after a few hours is a fearsome consumer of time.

6. Take a break halfway

We are human, we are not machines. So we always need to take a break to get some rest and recharge our batteries. What I advise is that you stop for five minutes when it is half the article. Put your ideas in place and then reload. Pomodoro’s technique tells us to pause every twenty-five minutes. I dare say we can handle it a little more than that. But not much else. This stop does not lose quality of reasoning after a long period of productivity.

7. Set a time to finish

Knowing when to stop writing is a good way to put some pressure on yourself as a freelancer. This makes you focus more on what you are doing. If you do not have this method, you will easily fall into the mistake of starting to ramble and lose more and more time in your article. If possible, try to waste less time on each article than on the previous article. You will see that over time, your articles will take much less time to write, until you reach a personal limit. Then just keep.

8. Reread the text twice

One of the habits that I have gained lately was to reread my texts … twice. My change in attitude was due to the fact that, even after re-reading once, the post was still flawed or there was always something to improve. Therefore, I have chosen to always re-read it twice. If you can, print the post. This is because our eyes end up spending so many hours in front of the screen, we end up not reviewing the errors even if they read the text again. The paper article has another impact.

9. Use cutting-edge technology

A little while ago I changed my old computer to a Mac. I’m afraid I lose less than half an hour in each article today. Investing in the freelance business is also important and if it means doing the tasks in half the time, better yet. Have you noticed that if I earn half an hour a day, at the end of a month I’m having ten hours more? Well, that’s a lot to do, believe me. It’s a question of doing the calculations, seeing how much you earn at the time and knowing when you’ll get that investment back. It will be even better if you can work with two monitors simultaneously.

10. Make this attitude a routine

No one can reduce the production time of an article from one day to the next. These attitudes take a long time to assimilate. It takes a lot of personal discipline to do that. So I challenge you: Follow these rules for a month and see the results. You will feel the results after a week believes. Then it is “only” to keep. But to finish the article, here are some other tips that can help you:

Music: I am one of the people who does not live without music and needs it to write. But that can be a problem if you’re always switching music all the time. I advise you to use Fizy. In it you can make your list and do not worry about switching sound

Windows: Work with as many windows as possible. If you can have what you need only one, better yet. Sometimes we open so many windows that we do not even know how many we have or what information is strictly necessary

Put yourself in the right position: Poor posture can hurt your productivity. Try to always have your back straight and your arm with the mouse supported.

Avoid laptops: The larger screens of physical computers are a great help. If you can get a fixed one and if mobility is not a problem, better

Good lighting: Besides the obvious benefits to your health, it makes you more awake than if you have the office erased, even if you work at night as a freelancer

Turn off the beeps: As I said earlier, social networks should be removed. The same should be done with computer sounds and email alerts

What have you done to write articles faster?

If you do things the right way, higher speed can mean better job quality as a freelancer. The important thing is to make the right choices.