“But why do some blogs have such good articles and I do not?” I believe that this is a question that you constantly ask yourself. There really is no secret to making blog articles better than others. They are ahead of our eyes, we can not decipher them. But in this article I will give you 12 essential tips so that an article written in your blog has good quality. If you follow them, surely both your comments and the number of visits will dramatically increase.

The big problem for some aspiring bloggers is they have no idea what they’re up to. They think that just writing content and that in time things will appear. You have the idea that you just have to create quantity. Nothing more than wrong. Most likely, over time, they will begin to see that the visits do not increase and end up becoming unmotivated in their work as a freelancer. With this, they end up blaming everyone but the poor performance they have had throughout this period. But in order not to fall into the most common mistakes and excuses, I will now break down some myths that are spread across the internet about the success of articles.

Just write several articles for success to appear

It is certain that the success of a blog takes time to be built. And it is also true that a lot of success should be due in large part to the number of articles a freelancer in this area has. But the truest point of all is that quality is the first point to look for. The other two completely lose the reason for being when the articles you write do not have quality. Without this factor, you can go on writing as long as you want and the number of articles you want your time will be spent in vain.

If you link to an article from another blog I will be losing a visitor

Wrong! This attitude comes from a small mindset. Thinking that a visitor will never return to visit your blog because you took it to another is a complete lie. If the link that you put is really relevant to that reader he will thank you and will certainly return to your blog, because on the one hand you will look for another interesting article but also because you will expect you to indicate another subject as interesting as the previous one ! Not to mention that Google appreciates such attitudes.

Size does not matter

Size matters yes. And it also depends on the area where you operate. In my case, which I intend to teach my readers something, the text must always be a little longer. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčentertainment, articles must be shorter. The important thing is always to tailor your target audience to the size of your article.

If I write texts, images and videos do not matter

Who reads an article does not just like to see text. Even because the ability of most people to read during a certain time is not too great. Images and videos serve two things. The first is to break the reading routine. And the other is to add information to the text.

What should I do to have quality articles?

Quality should be the main focus of your article. Without it nothing was done. But for this you need to put this in your head and forget the quantity. One of the things that can help you improve your quality is to define how often you write. When I started the Freelancer School, I set the goal of writing one article per day. A goal that at the time seemed rather easy, but that with the passage of time became a rather arduous task. In order to maintain the goal, I had to organize the day in another way, in order to maintain the quality and quantity that I had proposed. For this, I follow 12 tips that today I will share with the reader.

1. Where to write down your ideas

The organization is essential if it is to get the most out of its capabilities. The ideas for my best newspaper articles were all taken away when I was out walking. I saw something that interested me and pointed. Yes but for a long time this was one of my problems. I saw something on the street and said “interesting subject, when I get to the newspaper I will write about it”. But he had a problem: he kept the idea in his head and did not write it down. This caused many of the great ideas to be lost, because our brain can not write everything down.

Nowadays this does not happen anymore. When I’m on the street, I use my calendar and point out what I saw. If it is on your computer, an open Evernote folder is sufficient. You can do the same to get ideas for your articles. Did you read something magazine that you liked? Did you see that text on the site appeals to you? Write down and do not miss anything. A great idea can change a life.

2. Choose the theme very carefully

This is where you start to draw your future. The choice of topic is preponderant so that what you write may be viral or not. I usually go around and around until I know what I’m going to write. After creating a list, I get several ideas in my head. Then I answer a range of questions, including:

Is this the best theme I can find at the moment?

Is it going to be that interesting to anyone who will read it?

Can I read or study more on the subject in order to give something more to the reader?

Am I teaching someone anything?

Am I adding anything to what has already been written on the subject?

3. Title: the key to success

It’s just a phrase but it’s the most important things in your text. I usually never look for the first title. I walk around and around. I search on Google and go to the Google Adwords Tool. I see what other people have chosen to put in the title on similar articles. The title should have some of these characteristics:

Simple. Do not complicate too much. It is important that you be able to look at it and directly understand what it means

I enjoy. It is not always possible but whenever you can do it

Flashy. It should prompt the reader to immediately want to devour their text

Creative. The more original your title is, the better

Matching with the image. If you can make some pun between the image and the title, perfect

4. The first paragraph

If you notice, I started the article today with an issue. This is a way to get the reader to think early on. Avoid those cliche phrases like “in today’s article let’s talk about” or “As the reader knows”. Your readers come this hundreds of times a day. Remember: Quality is the most important. And having quality means doing things for the same purpose as others, but in a much better way. Try to start with a question, give numbers (knew 500 million ..) or start with a personal example. Give something else to your reader.

5. Change someone’s life

Always give your best. When you make an article, always try to change someone’s life. Whether it is teaching or entertaining, it is important that the person’s day is no longer the same since reading what you write. He should feel like sharing on Facebook and Twitter. To tell your friends. Look forward to your new article. Before you begin the article, think, “Am I changing someone’s life?” If the reader were reading that text, was he seeing something innovative? Or are you just making another text that will contribute to the endless amount of junk on the internet?

6. Quality vs quantity

I touch this theme again because it is too important to be forgotten. You should always choose quantity instead of quantity. If you can not write an article a day, do not worry. Write only three. If this week is less inspired, write only one. However, be careful not to get too far from your routine. Do not make the technique of “getting away” from the articles anything normal. Do this only when you have no other option, as it is important that your readers get used to a certain amount of articles per week. But the most important thing is that they get used to their quality.

7. Break through points and lists

Nobody can take a long time to read a text. For this there are paragraphs. But much more important than that, is you divide your article into points and lists. In addition to facilitating visually, it helps you to more easily perceive what you have written. Imagine that this point does not interest you. The reader only need to read the title to make that decision. With that, you move on to the next point.

8. As simple as possible

Using expensive words is not synonymous with writing well. A good writer gets the reader to perceive at first the idea that he wanted to convey. For this you should avoid redundancies. Here are some tips to make your texts simpler:

Quotations should be no more than one hundred words and should always be quoted

Avoid saying “In my opinion ..” If the text is written for you it is obvious that it is in your opinion

“Some years ago”. If it was a few years ago, it’s supposed to have happened earlier and not in the future.

Avoid repeating words. Whenever possible, use synonyms

Put the dates in numbers and not in length

From zero to ten, write in full. From there, use numerals

One idea, one sentence. If possible, try to convey an idea in each sentence you write so as not to confuse the reader

Do not be repetitive. Within the same text, with rare exceptions, try not to transmit the same information twice

Try to give exact numbers. “Around” or “Around” causes doubts to the reader. Try to always know an exact number

9. Always search for more information

Put something in your head: what you know now is not enough to write everything on that topic. One practice that has given me good results is to always search for information before writing a text, be it in articles on the internet or books. I do not know everything and I do not think the reader will know it either. A little information can change the lives of those who read your article. So do not be satisfied and always try to find something else so that your article gets a lot of quality.

10. Have a coherent structure

I’ve read texts on the internet that are a mess. They begin by developing the subject, in the middle draw their conclusion and then there to the end still add information. It is important that your article respects the rules of: Introduction, development and conclusion. When reading an article, an image begins to form in your head and it is important that the reader also creates that vision. The ability for him to do this depends on the structure and consistency of his article.

11. Reread what you wrote

The reader should already be fed up with reading that he should do this whenever an article ends. But I play on this point for a reason: most people do not! They are already so tired of looking at what they wrote and do not want to know more about it. So, what good is all the work you’ve had, if at the end you’re going to present your product with defects? Only one small step is enough to give you something good to your readers. So, at the end of the day always make a reading so as to mend possible errors or remove information that is not so important after all.

12. Ask yourself “Is this the best I can do?”

Not long ago I started asking this question at the end of my articles and the results have been excellent. Putting this question makes you feel obliged always to improve your text a little more, because you start to blame yourself for verifying that after all, some details are still missing. This requirement makes you have a very great personal discipline and that demands of you the maximum.

Already know how to write quality articles for your blog?

Primarily for quality is essential in the texts of your blog. All freelancers should demand the maximum for your business and if you have the dream of working as a blogger in this area, this article is for you. With these tips you will get quality text, which increases your likelihood of being successful.

And the reader, was aware of all these tips? Do you use any other techniques to improve your articles?